Company Profile

We have an excellent team of technical expertise that caters the needs of customer to the fullest.

FORREST CORP is one of the leaders among manufacturers, indenting agents, exporters and suppliers of a comprehensive range of quality dyestuffs, dyes intermediates, and Pigment Intermediates for different industrial requirements. We have excellent supplying capacity at Forrest with the range of above dyestuffs, dyes intermediates, Pigment Intermediates, Hair dyes Intermediates, API, Pharma Intermediates, and other speciality chemicals.

At FORREST, our main goal is quality, time, and commitment with words. FORREST continues to play a leading role in the indenting and supplying the above range of products in India with the intent to further strengthen its position for its quality products. With our decades of experience and extensive industry knowledge, we have been able to face the challenges of the global market place and deliver quality products in adherence with market standards and parameters.


FORREST CORP is also an independent import and export company apart from strong manufacturing base specialized in sourcing and marketing chemical intermediates, API and Pharma Intermediates as well speciality dyes in overseas market of Europe, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, USA, South America etc.

FORREST CORP's primary focus is to develop domestics products for chemical producers in overseas markets around the world. Since then, the company has expanded its reach and influence across four continents, and today acts as a marketing liaison between manufacturers and more than a dozen industries. We continue to provide full-service distribution, including all aspects of packing, shipping, quality control, logistics, documentation, and customs clearances.


FORREST CORP plays an important role in sourcing from standard suppliers overseas who have established creditable industrial standards. Our company has established state of the art laboratory for double checking the quality of imports as well as exports where we have no role in manufacturing.